Sharky and Science – Tips About Fanqiang and Science

Two very unique and different wines from China by two very popular and distinguished international winemakers come together in this spectacular “Divergence” of a wine: science versus magic. Sharky’s I Ching and Bodegott’s Fanqiang are two of the most talked about and highly acclaimed wines in the world today. This is no coincidence, in fact, the similarity of their origins does quite a bit to explain why these two great products have become so popular.

Sharky Li and Ji Su Li, the two wine makers, began working together at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts during the 1980s. During that time they were often assigned to work with each other, although they did not feel that they “belonged” to the same group. They worked as part of the same class and lived together. The same is true for the two of them working together. Their lives became intertwined and the three of them ended up creating one of the best wine creations in the world today.

Bodegott was not an experienced wine maker when he joined Sharky and Ji Su Li’s team of creative genius. He was not an expert in the field either. But he had experience with chemistry, so he and his team learned about wine chemistry and made the breakthrough to produce a new wine based on science and not on magic. That’s the way they like it.

The two wines are very similar in style, flavor and appearance. Both do, however, have their distinct qualities that separate them from the crowd. Sharky’s Dark Beer is almost black in color with a sharp bitterness and a bright white wine nose that pack a powerful punch. It’s a great wine for sipping and having a quiet nightcap. You can also get more information about

Fanqiang is a dry white wine that stands out for its elegant, rich color and vivid, dense taste. The wine starts out as a strong, effervescent champagne-like wine that remains clean, crisp and truly pleasant as the wine finishes. The finish is long and leaves a lingering aftertaste that can be quite impressive. In fact, it may make you crave another glass to take your breath away.

Sharky’s Dark Beer is very easy to drink and suits most palates. While it has no resemblance to the more assertive Bodegott, this is a wine that is quite pleasant to drink and quite worth a try if you’ve never tried it before. It would be a good choice for dinner, a nice change of pace from your usual fare, or a fancy evening cocktail.

Both of these wines are full bodied and should be paired with red meats, seafood and dry red meats to achieve the best results. In fact, the two wines are best paired with almost any meat on the menu.

To top it all off, Sharky and his team of scientists spent years perfecting the scientific process used to create these wines. In order to learn how to produce the perfect wine using science, they took the raw materials that they needed from the two wines and experimented with various combinations of ingredients until they finally hit on what works the best.

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