SWN Stock News About The Report Of Final Quarter Of 2019

Southwestern Energy (SWN) reported its last earnings about a month ago and after a month the swn stock news at is full of the highlights of SWN having increased 30% shares in this time, also performing better than its counterpart the S&P 500.

Here’s a short review of the earnings report of Southwestern Energy to understand what could be coming up next.

Reserves have grown and Earnings of Q4 is higher than estimates

The Zacks Consensus Estimate had anticipated 10 cents, but the adjusted earnings per shareof SWN in the fourth-quarter of 2019 are reported at 18 cents. On the other hand, the previous year profit of 31 cents has declined on the bottom line.

On nyseswn, the reason for earnings per share being higher than the estimates is due to increased liquid production, which somewhat offset by decreased average realized prices of commodities.

The operating revenues of the quarter have been $745 million, lower than the estimated $748 million, and that in the same quarter of the previous year was $1,175 million.

Lowering in the production levels

The total production of SWN in the fourth quarter has fallen to 208 billion cc this year from 234 billion cc in the previous year. Gas production has also followed the same trend, falling to 160 Bcf from 194 Bcf.

Nevertheless, the production of oil has increased from 1,073 MBbls in the same quarter in the previous year to 1,486 MBbls this year. The production of natural gases in this quarter has been reported in the swn stock news at 6,609 MBbls, increased from that in the previous year being 5,434 MBbls.

Expenses, Financials, and Proved Reserves

The lease operating expenses of this year’s fourth quarter have been at 94 cents in contrast with the previous year’s 93 cents, as per Mcfe basis. On the other hand, the administrative and general expenses have been up at 19 cents from the previous year’s 18 cents per unit production.

Reserves of the company were also reported to have grown as on 31st December 2019 from those in the previous year. Talking about financials, the capital expenditure of SWN in Q4 has been $207 million.

While cash and cash equivalents and long-term debt have been $5 million and $2,242 million respectively as on 31st December 2019.


As an overview, it can be stated that for nyseswnstock, the estimates were reflecting a downward trend and the scale of revisions in estimates points in the direction of a lowering shift. An in-line return is expected from the stock in the upcoming few months. You can also gain Nyse arnc news at .

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